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Tama TM15ACP2 Drum Parts Set

Tama TM15ACP2 Drum Parts Set

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Accessories for percussion (QC8-B4 knives with grip buttons (8 pcs.),
7081P felt (6 pcs.),
CM8P plastic nut (6 pcs.),
RB8P bushings for cymbals (6 pcs.),
CL08 hi-hat lock (2 pcs.),
CB900AS pedal clutch,
rubber (2 pcs.),
CB900PS pedal clutch, felt (2 pcs.),
CB90F pedal clutch, felt (2 pcs.),
CB90R clutch for pedal, rubber (2 pcs.),
CB90W pedal clutch,
wood (2 pcs.),
DS30 two-way clapper (2 pcs.),
HP900-7H spring tight (3 pcs.),
HP900-7R spring (3 pcs.),
TDK10 dongle for setting (3 pcs.),
DH7 key for setting (3 pcs.)

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