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Tama HT430 1st Chair Round Rider W/ Vibrant Fabric Top Seats - Limited

Tama HT430 1st Chair Round Rider W/ Vibrant Fabric Top Seats - Limited

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The best-selling 1st Chair Round Rider is now available in a limited edition luxurious fabric. Usually reserved for high-end home furnishings, this fabric is rich in color and soft to the touch, while strong enough to handle any situation. Available in three unique colors designed to evoke a natural, calm, or electrifying feeling, the lush fabric offers a hip look while providing ultimate comfort. Featuring TAMA’s Seat Link, Rocklok, and threaded height adjustment for enhanced stability & durability, this limited model is the perfect blend of style and function.


1st Chair Height Adjustment
1st Chair thrones offer the best of both worlds-the exact height adjustment of threaded rod thrones with the fast adjustment of T-bolted systems:

1. Loosen the bolt (A) and raise the threaded rod to the approximate desired height (it's not necessary to get the exact height at this point).

2. Screw the Height lock (B) down to the top of the nylon bushing.

3. If a minor adjustment is necessary, simply turn the Height lock or rotate the seat.

4. Tighten the bolt (A) firmly.

TAMA's "Rocklok" features a specially designed Nylon Bushing at the bottom of the throne's threaded rod that prevents side-to-side motion within the base.
This special feature provides exceptional durability and stability.

Seat Link
The "Seat Link" casting securely grips the entire circumference of the throne’s upper rod with a nylon bushing.


  • Round Rider "Fabric Top" Seat
  • Seat Link
  • Rocklok
  • Foot Life
  • Weight: 5.3kg (11.1lbs)
  • Height Adjustment Range: 485mm - 655mm (19" - 25 3/4")
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