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Tama Stagestar 5 Piece Drumkit 22" ST52H5

Tama Stagestar 5 Piece Drumkit 22" ST52H5

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Stagestar Drumkit W/Hardware, Throne & Pluto Cymbals

The Stagestar series is a complete drum set package available in a variety of configurations and finishes while maintaining quality and affordability.


The following is a detailed introduction to the many unique mechanisms on board.

All Poplar Shell
The full warm tone and medium attack offered by poplar wood has made it a
mainstay of drum shell manufacturing for more than 50 years.

Omnisphere Tom Holder
The Stagestar’s Omni-ball system double tom holder allows you to achieve almost any angle by simply loosening one T-bolt.

Drum Pedal
Drum pedal features double chain drive cam and beater angle adjustment.

Brass Cymbal Set
Drum kits with Brass Cymbal set are available.
For kit with 4-5pc HW :
14” Hi-hats, 16” Crash

For kit with 6pc HW :
14” Hi-hats, 16” Crash & 18” Crash Ride

Drum Throne
Heavy-duty double braced drum throne has threaded rod adjustment, which
allows you to achieve any height simply rotating its seat.

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